Saturday, March 07, 2009

Old Blogs Never Die

Like Kurt says, we are here to fart around. Which is exactly what this blog was all about. That, and learning a little HTML. .....So maybe if I’d picked things up a bit faster I wouldn't have created a duplicate (sort of) blog.

My somewhat newer and moderately improved LostBob’s Blog serves the same purpose. It’s an electronic scrapbook with some pictures, stories, and occasional rants. Whatever appeals to me at the time; or whatever I change it to later.

Most of what was once here has moved there. So if you’ve stumbled here via some wayward link. Or Google has lured you here for something that was once here, but is no longer. It’s probably over there. So there you are.

Actually it’s here

The pictures are links to the most popular old posts
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to Walking around in Rome Ponte Vittorio Emanuele to Churches of Rome Santa Maria Maggiore
The pictures are from the old posts. The links take you to the post's new home. The post about "The Car of the Beast" was revised and is now the most popular post in the new blog.

Now I know I could just delete this old blog. But why bother. Some vestige of it will still be floating around on some archive file somewhere in the bowls of Google and The Fort. Besides, some poor lonely link somewhere might be left pointing to the ether. Why risk it?


Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Self Portrait

self portrait on Flickr

At the Race, Dubai 2004
It's not my car.

For many years, I was a telecomm engineer. I lived and worked all over the world.

I put satellite communications equipment on planes trains and automobiles; I installed equipment in the White House and the Pentagon and designed stuff for the folks at Fort Meade. My name is on patents for the satellite telephone system used by the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

I was paid to play in private jets, high speed chase boats, railroad locomotives and over-the-road trucks. They paid me to fly over Juneau Alaska in a float plane and over Utah’s canyon lands in a helicopter. I flew over the great salt lake and Colorado Rockies in the cockpit of a Lear. I drove from Tuscan to Tucumcari and Tehachapi to Tonopah (and from Berlin to Paris. And Melbourne to Brisbane). I drove jeeps over sand dunes in the Arabian Desert. It was a magic carpet ride.

Told differently, I was away from home 50 weeks a year, working 60 – 80 hours a week and living in hotels. I got close to a lot of really nice places with little time to see them.

Either way, I loved what I did but came to dislike the folks I did it for so we parted company . I’m whittling away at my savings and bored out of my mind. That’s still a better than working for thieves, even thieves with magic carpet rides.

Thank you very much Rupert, changing the name does not protect the innocent, or hide the guilty.

This blog is an attempt to put it all in some perspective and help me decide what I want to be when I grow up.

I’m too old to become a postal employee.